The weather is finally warming up, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and thousands of Americans are sneezing. Spring allergies are a large problem for more and more people as pollen counts slowly rise every year. Take control of your allergies this year with these simple tips:

Close Your Windows

As the weather gets warmer it’s tempting to open your windows and doors to get some fresh air flowing through your home. No matter how tempting this is; don’t do it! It will let pollen into your house that is difficult to get rid of. Other ways to keep pollen out of your house are to wash your clothes, take a shower after you’ve been exposed to pollen, and finally, avoid doing yard work and outdoor exercising on days when pollen counts are high.

Complement Your Allergy Medication

According to Reader’s Digest, “a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement that includes magnesium, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E, and all the B vitamins; a cup of peppermint or chamomile tea each night before bed; or a daily dose of echinacea taken two weeks on, two weeks off” can help relieve allergy symptoms when paired with your antihistamine of choice.

Take Your Allergy Medication Correctly Allergies

Getting ahead of your allergy symptoms is half of the battle. If you take your allergy medicine one to two weeks before your symptoms usually appear this will increase the effectiveness of the medication. Also be sure to take your medicine on time so that you don’t experience symptoms in between doses.

As always, medication only works if it is taken safely. Use your Focus Glass to be sure that you are able to read your medication label correctly. Contact us today to learn more about how The Focus Glass can benefit you or your business.