Buy Now See what you're missing. Nearly 29 million Americans have trouble seeing, and because of this, roughly 500,000 medication errors occur outside of a hospital setting each year. Our product is designed specifically to help people read & take their medications.

We help read your medication.

Our product provides a practical alternative to fumbling to find your medication. You need a glass anyway – now you can use it to help you. Buy now, only $19.99 for two, with free shipping.

Million Americans

Have trouble seeing; Focus Glass can help.


of Adults

Use some form of vision correction; Focus Glass is a unique solution.


Is the average span most people will need reading glasses.

Product Benefits 100% Customizable Using our online design tool, you can quickly see how your branding would appear on the Focus glass.   Try It Cost Effective A great-looking, affordable branding product. Get in touch with us for a price quote! Contact Us Useful Focus is ergonomically designed, easy to use, and effectively solves the problem of hard-to-read drug labels. Learn More PhRMA Compliant This product qualifies as a patient educational device, excluding it from The Sunshine Act’s reporting requirements. Learn More Can It Truly Save Lives? Absolutely. When used properly, this product can 100% eliminate medication errors, by helping individuals safely take the right dosage.