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Customize Your Focus © Glass

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Product Info & Specifications

While there are dozens of low vision devices on the market, none are as simply innovative as Focus. Our product is the only one of its kind, and it provides individuals with a cost-effective, easy to use alternative to expensive low vision devices and readers.

Focus Glass
  • 14 oz. drinking glass (BPA free)
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 6x optical lens molded in the base
  • 10x lens available
  • Bifocal combination available
  • Easy to hold, may be beneficial for those with arthritis
  • Multiple types of printing available including Ink, Pad Printing, UV Curing

It’s no secret that the release of new guidelines by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) in 2009, and the subsequent passing of The Sunshine Act in 2010, drastically reduced the branding and promotional opportunities for pharmaceutical companies.

Developing products which fit into these guidelines — those which have educational value to patients, and void of personal gain for healthcare providers — has been a challenge for distributors with pharmaceutical companies. Unlike other PhRMA Compliant products — brochure dispensers, new patient kits, and so on — Focus has extended product benefits.


Our product can have a direct impact on a patient’s health, simply by ensuring they can read their medications and take the appropriate dosage each time. Through an independent legal review, it has been verified this product qualifies as a patient educational device, which excludes it from the reporting requirements mandated by The Sunshine Act. In addition, because most drug therapies are ingested with water, it creates a cost-effective, easy advertising avenue for the majority of pharmaceutical manufacturers.


A good promotional product not only helps create brand awareness, it needs to attract the attention of the recipient.  Focus is unlike any other low-vision device on the market: it is cost-effective to make and distribute, easy to use and provides companies with a variety of customization options.

For companies in the hospitality, cruise, and other industries, this product provides the perfect opportunity to promote your brand, and create long term brand recognition with consumers. This is the type of product individuals will hold onto as long as they can. Because it can play a role in their daily routines, it provides companies with an innovative chance to deliver their brand’s message everyday to consumers. In addition, it is beneficial and appropriate for people of all ages.


Throughout the entire process of developing this product, the end user benefits have been kept at the forefront. While our product does provide many industries with a lucrative advertising opportunity, more importantly, it can have a positive, meaningful impact on the end-user.

The market is saturated with high end, high quality low vision devices, and while many of them are beneficial to consumers, none of them are as cost effective as Focus. Our product is inexpensive to make, simple to use, and solves a widespread problem: over 29 million Americans have trouble seeing, which results in roughly 500,000 medication errors outside of a hospital setting each year.

This mismanagement of medications can lead to additional health problems for individuals. Focus can ensure individuals can accurately read their prescription labels, and then take the appropriate dosage each time. There are plenty of low vision devices available to help individuals read small print, but none are specifically designed to help people manage and take their medications. When used properly, Focus can help eliminate medication error 100%.

In addition to its physical benefits, because this classifies as a patient educational device under PhRMA Guidelines and The Sunshine Act, it can be given out to individuals — for free — at medical facilities and doctor’s offices.