We all know how scary the holidays can get, from the angry shoppers to seeing family way more than usual. The “seasonal scaries” are so real! It’s so important to be able to handle the stress that this time of year can bring, especially so that we can enjoy this time with our friends and family, celebrating life, love, and laughter. Are you struggling to figure out how to manage it all? Here are a few tips to help you get through.

Get enough sunlight.

This can be hard at times, seeing the winter months can be very dreary, but that makes it all the more important to grasp the sunlight when you can. When Mr. Sun comes out to play, be sure to meet him with an open mind and a few minutes to unwind. Whether you take your dog for a walk or you sit by your window sill and read a book, the sun can do wonders on the stimulation of serotonin.

Do less, enjoy more.

This is the season of giving, not the season of stress! Prioritize the people, events, and gifts that you want to give, and be sure to go to the mall or the grocery store with a plan. “We go overboard to please others during the holidays: shopping, cooking, sending cards, and attending every event,” says George Pratt, PhD, a psychologist at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla in California. “Instead, take care of yourself by saying no at least once—and maybe more.”

Stay mindful about food and exercise.

There is no denying that one of the best parts about the holidays is the delicious food we get to make and eat. With this, naturally, comes less energy and alertness. Be sure to eat healthy and mindfully when you’re not at a holiday party or at a family event. If you know you are going to eat sweets or excess carbs, make sure to eat something fulfilling and natural in the morning to boost your energy and digestive system!

You and your health are just as important as the amazing people and events in your life happening this time of year. Take care of yourself and your family this season. With changes in schedules, it’s important to take medication on time and accurately. Check out the Focus glass to do just that.