Low Vision DevicePoor vision affects nearly 29 million Americans each year.  This has many implications for the way that they live their lives, but it threatens their health and safety as well. Low vision is responsible for roughly 500,000 medication errors that occur outside of a hospital setting each year. When a person takes the wrong medication, this can put them in severe harm and even threaten their life.

Our product, The Focus Glass, is designed specifically to help people read and take their medications.  The 14 oz. drinking glass doubles as a magnification device. This allows users to safely and effectively read their medication before taking it. Its dual use makes it ideal to keep close to all your meds: on a nightstand, in a medicine cabinet, or in the kitchen. Durable and dishwasher safe, it has life-saving value for next to no cost. People may lose their glasses all the time, but they will be able to easily find their Focus Glass and be able to use it to take their medication.

In 2010, the Sunshine Act went into effect. This prevented pharmaceutical branding on anything other than a patient-educational device. The usual marketing practices of pharmaceutical companies were forever changed. With its patented magnifying-base, the Focus Glass qualifies as a PhRMA compliant low-vision device. This makes it exempt from the Sunshine Act, offering widespread branding prospects at extremely low costs.

Low Vision Device

The Focus Glass provides a perfect place for a pharmaceutical logo. It gives companies a cost-effective, customizable product on which to promote themselves indefinitely. The logo will be permanently printed by ink, pad printing, or UV curing, clearly displayed on a simple, useful, even life-saving product that people will keep for as long as they can. It’s so affordable that people may keep the Focus Glass in multiple rooms of their home.

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