This is the time of year where we reflect on the past (but not for too long!) to see where we want to go in the future. Making new year’s resolutions is so important for our personal growth, but also for our ability to seek help and health in different areas in our lives. It’s especially important to tailor energy towards your eyesight, and making sure you soar through 2019 with 20/20 vision! Check out some tips on how to “focus on your goals” this year!

Follow the S.M.A.R.T. algorithm

Specific – Set a specific goal for yourself. What exactly is the thing you are looking to change or enhance in the new year? What are some tools that can help you get there? Who can you ask for help? Is there something specific about your eyesight that you wish to change? Whether it be new frames, new contacts, or an update exam, make sure your goals are specific.

Measurable – Make your goals measurable. It is much harder to fulfill your goal when you don’t have a way to measure its completion or success. In what time frame do you want to complete this goal? What amount of ___ are you looking to fulfill? Making your goals measurable keeps you motivated and keeps your eyes on the prize.

Accountable –  Keep yourself accountable. It’s very easy to forget the goals that you set up for yourself if you don’t keep yourself accountable for what you want to attain. Find a place to write down all of your goals, in a place that you will see them every day. You will be reminded of the resolutions you have made for yourself, and you can even ask family and friends to keep you accountable as well!

Realistic – Set realistic goals. Don’t stress yourself out over goals that you know aren’t realistic or attainable in the timeframe that you want them completed. If the goal seems too challenging or overwhelming, find a way to trim it down into baby steps. This will help keep the end goal on the near horizon!

Timeframe – Develop a timeframe. Going off of making your goals measurable, make sure you make yourself a realistic timeframe. When you can you get things done? When can you “schedule” your baby steps? Be sure to make time for yourself this new year, and setting aside time to help you get to your goals.

Setting new year’s resolutions is important for our individual success, and so is maintaining our health. Are you due for an eye exam? Are you feeling insecure or bored with your glasses? Is it time to put yourself and your health first? Always! Check out the focus glass, and how it can help you focus on your goals this year.