Have you ever thought about the benefits of home tidiness? We tend to restrict full home cleaning to unofficial holidays, like “spring cleaning.” This is seen as a time to cleaningcompletely┬ástrip down our homes, go through all of the┬árubbage that has built up over the winter, and start fresh. Of course, spring cleaning is a wonderful tradition that many people abide by; but what about fall cleaning? Is there any benefit to doing a mid-year clean right before the weather takes a turn? Well, according to research, cleaning has tremendous health benefits, and in more ways than you might think.

Clutter & Mental Health

If you take a step back and look at the clutter that builds up in our homes, you will quickly realize that clutter is the result of not cleaning at the moment. Our “stuff” builds and builds, and on top of that, makes other aspects of our home messier. Simply put, clutter is exhausting. Just looking at clutter puts us in a mental state that wants to run and hide- not tackle and defeat. This only communicates to ourselves, our families, and our friends that we are in fact, exhausted. Research has shown that we can accurately asses a person through a quick review of places they control; like people’s homes. When we can’t present ourselves the way we want, we get stressed. De-cluttering will reduce stress, reduce exhaustion, and do wonders for your mental health. Goodbye, clutter!

Eating Healthy

More often than not, the tidiness of our homes directly correlates with our diet. Interesting, right? Well, when you think about it, one of the biggest struggles we face in our daily, busy lives is the inability to make time and space to cook healthy food. Why? Because we are not confident in our space to do so. Research from the Association for Psychological Science showed that physical order, as represented by orderly environments, influences healthy choices. If you have a clean, organized and controlled kitchen environment, you are more likely to take the time to grab the apple that is (visible) on the counter, and you are more likely to make time to cook a healthy meal since you are confident in where everything is.

There are so many other incredible health benefits to cleaning our homes more regularly, and doing a deep “fall cleaning” is the perfect opportunity to do so. Get ready for the cold winter months with a welcoming, relaxing, and comforting home.

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