Elderly Resources

It is very important for senior citizens within local communities and the country to know what resources are offered to them. In the United States, “Nearly 29% of the 46 million elderly live alone. About half of the elderly are over 85 years old live alone, and about 70% of elderly people living alone are women, and 46% of them are over 75 years old.” With this being said, there are countless resources that all of our nation’s seniors should take advantage of or at least know about.   

With almost a third of the elderly living alone, families like the comfort in knowing that there will be someone to visit at times. A caregiver assistance service gives elderly loved ones a chance to live at home in a family setting for as long as possible.  

Another elderly resource that is very helpful is home-delivered meals. Eligible seniors can receive free professionally made nutritious meals. Most communities have programs such as Meals on Wheels, that allow ready-made meals to be delivered to senior’s homes every day. But, that’s not all, many agencies will offer nutrition counseling as well to help make sure the elderly are eating healthy meals and can assist in adjusting their diet for various illnesses.


It is very important to many elderly individuals to stay busy and have a consistent schedule. There is a resource for this as well. Senior employment is 

Elderly Resources

a great way to stay busy. Seniors who wish to keep occupied may be able to participate in state-sponsored senior employment programs.

All elderly resources are offered and aimed to give older people choices, with the intention that they will be able to stay in the comfort of their home and communities as long as possible.

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