Thanksgiving is going to be here before we know it, and Christmas will be right behind. This time of year is jam-packed with holiday celebrations, travel, seeing our loved ones, and eating delicious food. No wonder it’s the most “wonderful time of the year!” Though, to ensure that our holiday celebrations run smoothly, we need to revisitĀ some safety tips. It’s very easy to forget the driving 101 we learned in high school, but it’s extremely important that we go over driving safety for the holidays, to ensure our families and our loved ones stay safeĀ as they make the journey to the turkey! Here are some of the best safety tips for driving during the holiday season.

Plan ahead.

Planning ahead is extremely important especially when traveling in the dark or in the snow. It’s so much easier to get lost when it’s hard to see, and even harder when traveling long distances. Even if you travel to the same place every year for the holidays, it’s important to have some sort of plan as to when you will leave, what you will need to bring and which roads (especially highways and thruways) you will be traveling. Once you have a plan, be sure to tell your loved ones when you leave and your ETA. This will ensure that everyone traveling is on board, and this will make traveling safer and run more smoothly.

Make sure someone in the car is awake with you, and take breaks.

This is especially important when traveling long distances to ensure that there is more than the driver awake and alert at surroundings. Driving for long distances in the dark can get tiring and make things in the distance start to blur together. It’s vital to take breaks throughout the drive to make sure your vision isn’t wavering, and maybe let your spouse, partner, or whoever is driving with you take a turn so you can rest. It is best when two people are awake and alert in case of emergencies!

Don’t drive impaired or with distractions.

When driving, your own safety and the safety of others is vital. Ensure that you are completely sober and free from impairments when driving, and keep distractions to a minimum. If you are traveling with children, bring books, toys, or music to distract them and keep them settled. If you need directions, make sure your phone is mounted so you don’t have to look elsewhere for the next turn. Make sure you bring music, audio books, or pick out your favorite podcasts to listen to. It will make the time fly by and will give you another reason to stay extra alert.

Part of driving safely is making sure your eyes have been recently checked, and your appointments/prescriptions are up-to-date. Pack an extra pair of contacts and/or glasses, solution, and eye drops just in case you lose your glasses, or your contacts start to bother you. Having a hard time seeing your prescriptions? Check out the revolutionary focus glass today. Have a safe holiday season!