Artificial voice intelligence is quickly expanding and growing to improve lives across the world in many different aspects. One avenue where this is especially true is the healthcare industry. This May, Amazon announced that is building a health & wellness team within Alexa. The goal is to dive deeper into the health-care space.

According to,, “Amazon is building a 12-person health and wellness team within its Alexa division to help make the assistant more useful to the healthcare sector, according to CNBC. This includes ensuring its functionality is compliant with health privacy laws. Diabetes management, care for the elderly, and care for new mothers and infants are specific targets of the team. Integrating Alexa with health care—particularly in managing chronic illness like diabetes—makes sense. In many households, Alexa eventually becomes part of the family, working her way into day-to-day activities like controlling the home or learning the news in the morning. Amazon could easily add a new Alexa Blueprint skill that reminds a user of medications that need to be taken at a certain time, coordinates with other apps to log glucose or blood pressure levels, or keeps track of upcoming doctor’s appointments.”

Amazon and other applications are already implementing technology that will help them reach their goals. According to, “In February, HealthTab, a health practice that provides 24/7 access to doctors via text, video, and voice launched its Doctor A.I. service through Amazon’s Alexa. The focus of this service is to provide patients with meaningful solutions to their health-related inquiries. The voice-controlled service can make health suggestions based on patient’s symptoms and even connect patients directly with doctors for a live virtual consultation. The company has both a consumer version of the product as well as an enterprise offering for clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, and governments.”

Though there have been huge strides in bridging the gap between healthcare and artificial voice technology, the sky is the limit for future development. There is currently no voice app that both reminds one to take medication and take it correctly. The Focus Glass aims to help bridge this gap. Learn more about our product today!