This glass can
save your life.

Finally, a glass cup that millions of Americans with arthritis and low vision can benefit from.

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Ergonomically Designed for Comfort

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Magnifying Glass for Those With Low Vision

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Safely Take the Right Dosage of Medications

Focus Glass provides a practical alternative to typical low vision devices. It doesn’t require batteries. Its instructions are easy.

Even better? Unlike any other product on the market, it costs little to nothing for the consumer, as it qualifies as a patient education device under PhRMA Guidelines and The Sunshine Act. This means it can be freely distributed by doctors offices and pharmaceutical companies, without having to report transfer of value.


100% Customizable

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Cost Effective

A great-looking, affordable branding product.

Easily Read Drug Labels

Effectively solves the problem of hard-to-read drug labels.


PhRMA Compliant

Qualifies as a patient educational device which excludes it from The Sunshine Act’s reporting requirements.

Million Americans

Have trouble seeing.
Focus Glass can help.


Of Adults

Use some form of vision correction.
Focus Glass is a unique solution.


Is the average span most people will need reading glasses.